Will my child be driving during the day?

No. The children will be in a classroom setting all day.

Do I need to stay with them?

No. They will be supervised. If you would like to pay the $25, then you can stay and receive a certificate too.

What happens if my child cannot make it after they sign up?

With a doctors note, we will refund your money. There are things that we order in advance in preparation for your child to attend class. If you wish to take another class we offer, you will be required to pay again.

What happens after the class?

Your child will receive an Insurance Reduction Certificate at the end of class. You should take that certificate and give it to your insurance company. It is possible to receive a discount on your policy.

My child has taken Joshua's Law, what's the difference?

Joshua's Law contains the same information. However, we focus on teen driving habits to include texting while driving and social media. Joshua's Law can be done online and most children do it, just to get through it, but do not really reap the benefits of a defensive driving class. While in class with their peers, they are engaged and learn a lot about how to act behind the wheel.

What is the purpose of this class?

Driving defensively is almost a rare occurrence in Georgia. Most people are aggressive drivers these days. Children who are behind the wheel feel invincible and feel that they will not be hurt, when actually, they are the ones who are most commonly killed.

Car crashes are the #1 killer of teenagers in the United States. Georgia has taken major strides in keeping our kids safe.

If you have further questions about this class, please feel free to call 678-551-9833

You must pre-pay to be considered as enrolled. Please call 678-551-9833.